LFW AW 2017

My weekend at London Fashion week was as per usual,  exciting and a bit crazy. It started on Friday evening with a runway show ; designers : Timothy Bouyez , Luke Anthony and Jack Irving . Each of them had different styles but in the end their designs looked great put together  on the runway . A combination of graphic design , patterns , plastic and glitter . A bit of everything for everyone to enjoy , definitely a lot of fun.

The Edeline Lee presentation  never disappoints . Rich primary colours , amazing  fabrics , fantastic cuts.  Outfits that I think scream girl power. 

Another fashion presentation on Sunday evening , this time in a church. Phoebe English presentation was the Sunday mass that was not to me missed . Strong fashion designs , with a rather medieval  feel to them , monochrome was also part of the theme . The dark atmosphere  of a the church went very well with the designs . There was something sumptuous about this presentation and the words painted on the models ,”COURAGE” “TYRANNY” etc , made a strong statement , added a voice to the presentation. 

On Tuesday I ran to one last presentation , designer ISA ARFEN is truly amazing .  I can only say one thing , the outfits reminded me of Pinocchio … very weird …. It might be the circus theme , as I saw it . Harlequin designs , tights , very tight hats on the top of the models heads , buttons , accessories , great cut dungarees .  For me the models looked like they were characters from Pinocchio , funny , in a good way. A puppet show :) .

Love London fashion week <3 

Irina Chira photographing for Zero Magazine 


Testing with an amazing team 

MODEL : Alicia @ OXYGEN Models 

MUAH :  Camilla Marzolo 

STYLIST : Pamela Navarro 

DESIGNERS  : Andrada LDN  & Veil London 

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