I believe that we urgently need to fill the entire world with as much as love as we can. This is a matter of urgency.

We have to learn to love more, be kinder, eradicate hate. 

Hate is not the answer, violence is not a solution. 



London 6th June 2020 ; Black Lives Matter Protest - Parliament Square.

People of Shoreditch

Stephanie is from Peru. She has been living in London with her husband for the past two years. She works in a beautiful shop on Bethnal Green Road, ‘Four Store’ (www.fourstore.co.uk), where you can buy the most amazing terrariums. It’s definitely a great place to work in. Stephanie, with a big smile on her face, showed me some of the beautiful little, ‘trapped’ in glass gardens, and I promised I will be back soon to buy one terrarium for myself. Back in Peru she grew on her family farm. From there she got the love and passion for gardening. She started studying sound engineering in Venezuela. Unfortunatley the unstable political and economical situation in the country forced her to leave the country and postpone her studies. She did internships and work experience in some of the production companies in London, her dream is to work in the industry. Her challenge at the moment is achieving economical stability.
“Work hard, dream big and be kind. I think it is really important to believe in yourself but never forget to be kind to everyone else, because we achieve greater things when we help each other.”

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Jacque is from Sao Paulo, Brazil. She came to live in London with her husband and daughter. She works as a sales assistant for an independent jewellery designer Georgia Roidou, who sells delicate jewellery at Spitalfields Market. Jacque is passionate about arts and she is involved in a creative digital platform/group called LARTE that discovers young artists and talks about their work.

She misses her country and one day she hopes to go back. She misses the beaches and nature. She thinks London is an amazing city with loads of opportunities and interesting people to meet. She is very dedicated to nature and she believes that people should be more responsible for the environment. She believes the world is struggling at the moment with a lot of issues like amazon deforestation, Venezuela’s political turmoil and global warming - there seems to be a lot of unrest everywhere. She keeps her optimism and her big smile. 

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Today’s story @peopleofshoreditch
Adrian Boswell is a well-known London artist. His galleries are located on Brick Lane. He is renowned for his colourful collages that are inspired by Dali, Monty Python’s surreal comedy sketches and other surrealist inspiration. He is also known as the “Broccoli Man” because of his quirky, but inspiring and beautiful, broccoli street art. He uses a plaster cast of a real broccoli and paints in colourful colours.

He runs two galleries; one for two years and the other for nine months. He wanted to extend his gallery space so he can showcase and represent more artists. Both galleries are located on Brick Lane and are also a great tourist attraction. He believes there are many artists that need support and space to showcase their beautiful creations. He sees a lot of amazing art that has no space to be exhibited and he felt like he had to do more to help so he extended his space to invite other artists to showcase their work alongside his.

Adrian admits he works too much which has an adverse impact on his health. He wishes he would listen more to his partner and take more time for himself. He wants to build a legacy by leaving his unique artistic print on the world. This vision drives him to continue creating art and helping other artists. Some of his broccoli art will soon be available to purchase from IKEA which means we could all bring broccoli art on our walls. His quote is a title of his one of his many beautiful collages books : “Fly don’t walk”
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Hind was born and raised in Paris. She has roots from the Middle East that she would like to learn more about. She moved to Shoreditch London just a year ago and she works as a sales assistant in one of the quirky, independent fashion boutiques in the area, @lazyoaf.
She misses Paris but she thinks that London is more friendly and she enjoys the city very much although her struggle at the moment is connecting and making more friendships. She sometimes can feel lonely in the big city. She wishes to follow her own advice more; to connect more, get to know more people, form stronger relationships. She is very open to communicating and sharing with everyone. 
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This is Elena from Berlin who was visiting and helping a friend who was living in Shorditch, and Minnie the dog. 

Elena will be returning to Berlin, but for a short time, as she will be heading towards Guatemala where she bought small piece of land on lake Atitlan.

“I am soon going back to Guatemala where I bought a small piece of land on lake Atitlan, overlooking several volcanos. It is my little heaven, garden of Eden, giving me a break from my crazy and turbulent life and letting me connect with myself and with Mother Nature. I am dreaming about building a retreat centre where I can hold my tribal healing and silence retreats as well as my ayahuasca ceremonies. 

My vision is to bring people back to Pachemama and and to themselves, as in the end is the same. I love to create sacred spaces where we can truly get to know each other on a very deep soul level. Right now I am trying to manifest people who want to support me on this project and who want to be part of this magical dream”. 

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‘Enigma’ (as he wanted to be known, he wanted to keep his artist name and not reveal his real name), is a Japanese graffiti artist. He came to London to study English but also to fill the walls of London, including Shoreditch, with beautiful art. He paints mainly flowers but also his artist name/signature is always hidden in the graffiti . He soon going back to Tokyo but he leaves behind his artistic print. 

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